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Survivor's Remorse 

Creator/Executive Producer/Writer


"The show's real revelation is creator/writer/showrunner Mike O'Malley, the standup and sitcom sad sack who takes this ball and slam-dunks it. With his fluid scripts, these sharp actors hit not just three-pointers but also free throws. Which, fans know, can be the toughest shot of all." -- Newsday





"There are some writers that grasp a show or some of its characters better than others. In the case of Shameless, that writer is Mike O’Malley. O’Malley’s name is one of two—the other being Alex Borstein—that surprisingly popped up in the writing credits during season one, and “The Helpful Gallaghers” demonstrates how firmly O’Malley grasps the Shameless voice at its best.


This is an episode where all the plots more or less worked, showed humor and heart, and had a generous amount of tension that didn’t feel forced or contrived. But more than that, “The Helpful Gallaghers” was funny. Like, really, really funny, as if it’s O’Malley’s only shot at writing an episode this season and he decided to drop as many zingers as he could fit into one." -- AV Club


"I want to get into all the good stuff about “Civil Wrongs,” because there was as much to love about it as there is in any Mike O’Malley-penned episode of this show. I’m ready to declare O’Malley this show’s MVP. He seems to have a precise understanding of the show’s voice that elevates any episode he writes. ... There’s something about the way he integrates the show’s elements that always feels incredibly balanced and confident." -- AV Club


Prodigy Bully










Three Years From Thirty 



Diverting Devotion



Searching for Certainty






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