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Morning Joe 

IActor and producer Mike O'Malley joins Morning Joe to discuss his new comedy series 'Survivor's Remorse'

Fox 5 NY

Actor and producer Mike O'Malley discusses the hit show, 'Survivor's Remorse,' on the STARZ network.

The Dan Patrick Show

Actor Mike O’Malley joined the show to talk about his career and share great stories. O’Malley was in the film Concussion and discussed how it changed his view of the NFL


Interview - On creating Survivor's Remorse and leaving Glee

DP 30 Emmy Watch

Interview - Glee, Shameless


Interview - Survivor's Remorse Premiere 

Gold Derby

IInterview - Justified

DP 30 Emmy Watch

Interview - Justified, Glee, Shameless

NH Film Festival

Interview - Certainty

The Rick's Greatest Hits


The Ellen Show

Interview - Glee, Justified

The Ellen Show

Interview on Glee "The Quarerback" Episode

Boston Red Sox Broadcast

Charity Auction, TV Series



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